New PADI SMB Diver at 2DiVE4 – Feb 2019

New PADI SMB Diver at 2DiVE4 - Feb 2019

Steve Patient – New PADI SMB Diver


Congratulations to Steve Patient for successfully completing his PADI Surface Marker Buoy course with 2DiVE4. Well done Steve.

Pictures from Steves PADI Surface Marker Buoy Course:

What next…???

2DiVE4 schedules regular 2DiVE4 Dive Club Weekends at the beginning of every month. On these weekends you can join us for some pleasure diving, or if you want to progress with your diver training education then 2DiVE4 can conduct the PADI Rescue Diver CourseWe have this course structured in May 2019.

You may also wish to join us on our 2DiVE4 Seal Diving Trips or one our 2DiVE4 overseas holidays like our 2DiVE4 Red Sea Liveaboard in June/July, our 2DiVE4 Cozumel 5 Star Diving Holiday or our amazing 2DiVE4 GALAPAGOS Dive Holiday in 2020 to dive with schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, sea lions, marine iguannas and much more!


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