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20 Nov 2023

There’s Still Time to Save the Ocean

by Steve Hills

2020 was a time for all of us to pause, reflect, and focus on what is truly important as well as what makes us healthy and happy. Now, more than ever before, we see how vital it is for people to connect with nature – for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Divers around the world have developed an even greater personal connection to the ocean, bringing about further inspiration to protect what they love. As we reflect on the year past, and begin a new year, we have the opportunity to continue to focus on these positive effects of the pandemic as well as our shared passion for adventure, community, and the ocean.

Throughout 2020, it became clearer than ever that we can, and must, save the ocean now. For a time, the decline in ocean transport as a result of the pandemic created a quieter ocean – providing the underwater world a much needed break and chance for recovery. Resurgence in the world’s marine ecosystems gave us tangible evidence that healing is possible and conservation efforts do matter, giving people around the world hope for a brighter future.

Use time at home to hone a new skill

With most people spending more time at home than ever before, thousands of divers (and soon-to-be divers) took the opportunity to continue (or begin) their diving education in 2020 and use those new skills to explore local dive spots. Taking time to focus on yourself and your connection with nature, while learning an epic new skill is something we can all see value in as we enter the new year.

5 Star Padi Instructor Development Centre

5 Star Padi Instructor Development Centre