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Scuba Diving Medical

Scuba Diving Medical

Information and medical questionnaire

Do you require a scuba diving medical? If you suffer with asthma, diabetes or any other medical condition you may be asking yourself does it prevent you from diving?

We offer a very standard scuba diving medical form that you can complete as part of every PADI scuba diving course or PADI scuba diving experience. From your answers we will be able to establish to a degree whether you can dive or not.

Our dedicated team at 2DiVE4 will be able to offer you further advice as you may well need a completed form from your doctor if you suffer from any illness that could hinder your diving experience.

If you are participating in a PADI Divemaster Course or are teaching on any scuba diving courses in the UK then you will need an HSE medical. This can be booked via the two phone numbers below. This is and HSE standard for any PADI Divemasters or PADI Instructors. If you require further clarification regarding this then please call 2DiVE4 on 01279 815559 where a member of the 2DiVE4 team will be happy to assist you.

These scuba diving medicals can be booked by calling:

Failing that if you have any questions or queries you can contact our friendly team now on 01279 815559 or email steve@2dive4.co.uk

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Scuba Diving Medical form

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